The old town of Novara located on a low hill land form (today Historical Centre legal seat of the homonymous district) still keeps, notwithstanding the heavy violations in modern times and the numerous neo-classical architecture, the antique medieval installation with streets blow with stones and small squares (Piazza dell Erbe and Piazza della Repubblica). In times gone by the city was surrounded by a wall, pulled down at the beginning of the 900th to allow the development of the city. From the antique walls there is just a small piece nearby the exit of Corso Cavour, at the end of Corso Italia, the Barriera Albertina, a complex of two neo-classical buildings that built-up the entrance door of the city, an obliged passage for whoever had to go from Torino to Milan. After the pulled down, the walls have left space for the present bulwarks, large tree avenues that surround the historical centre.

Some particular places of interest, located beyond the belt of bulwarks, are the Chiesa de S. Nazzaro della Costa with its abbey, restored in the 400 by San Bernardino da Siena, and the Osario della Bicocca, with a pyramidal shape, that rises in the area of Bicocca, in memory of the fallen in the historical battle of the 23rd March 1849 between the Piedmontese people and the Austrians. Worthy is also the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie (SS Martino e Gaudenzio), built on the 1477 by the Lateran canonicals, which its indoor is built by a sole nave with lateral caps and paintings attributable to artists of the XV century, among them Daniele De Bosis.

The city is an important business centre of the Pianura Padana and it is the legal seat of CIM (IntermodelGoodsCenter). Economically it suffers by the proximity of Milan; and because of this a lot of Milanese companies have their branch in Novara. The strategic location, few minutes from the airport of Malpensa, from the new Milan Rho Exhibition Complex and from Milan, makes Novara an ideal Business Location for whoever wants to avoid the city chaos and at the same time have everything within reach for its own business stays.


The principal economical activities are:

  • Agriculture: rise and maize
  • Metallurgical production
  • Chemical and petrolchemical products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Alimentary industry
  • Logistric & intermodel business
  • Banking services
  • Mercantile exchange of rise

The Town Hall of Novara is one of the members of the TOP-IX Union.

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